You have opted for not forwarding your contact details to the empanelled installers. Hence you will have to obtain empanelled installers contact details from TEDA’s website (after the installers are empanelled through the tender process) and contact them on your own to finalise your order. In case you want the installers to contact you directly then you should go and change the option to “yes”

The Capital Incentive can be availed only by domestic consumers with a TANGEDCO service connection under tariff LA1A.

Terms & Conditions / Detailed Guidelines to be adhered by the Applicant
Chief Minister's Solar Rooftop Capital Incentive Scheme
Application Form for Registration of LT Grid-Tie 1kWP Solar Rooftop Power Plant
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Declaration By Applicant
  • …………………………………….., hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. If information given by me is found to be false, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) is entitled to reject the application at any stage.
  • If I register on-line, I hereby agree to send the signed hard copy to TEDA, Chennai immediately.
  • After sanction accorded by TEDA,   I hereby agree to place a work order as per the guidelines of TEDA on one of the installers selected by me from the list of Installers empanelled by TEDA.
  • I am the owner of the building and / or the person in whose name the TANGEDCO service connection has been obtained and I hereby agree not to make TEDA or the Government of Tamil Nadu a party in disputes with the owner of the premises in relation to the installation and operation of the rooftop Solar PV plant.
  • I hereby agree to bear the cost for provision of bidirectional meter in addition with the project cost and the same shall be deducted from the State Government subsidy.
  • I hereby agree to be contacted by Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency though SMS to intimate the various stages of my application even if I am registered in the National Do Not Disturb Registry.
     I hereby agree with the terms and conditions and specifications stipulated by Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) for the installation of the Solar Rooftop Power plant.